A proficient, available and responsive team
For a close working relationship and a service tailor-made to your needs

Translators specialised in your field, translating exclusively into their mother tongue.

Performance orientated, remote working methods perfectly suited to fulfilling your translation requirements whether you are based in France or abroad.

A company focused on meeting deadlines and the smooth delivery of services.

Languages offered

We translate every written language on the planet and any language combination is possible.


Need a translation?

Nothing could be simpler, whether you’re based in France or anywhere else in the world:

Email your request to us
Receive your quote within 24 hours
Confirm your go-ahead
The ball starts rolling on your translation
We deliver on the agreed date
You receive your bill

Any queries please call +33 1 43 20 84 74 – or drop us a line at contact@cp-traductions.com. Our team is happy to help with all enquiries.

What we bring to the table


Our translation agency is run by a small team for total involvement in your project.

Quick response

We make it a matter of course to send you your quote as fast as possible and to stick to deadlines.


We treat each translation project on a case by case basis, in line with your requirements and the specificities of your sector.

The quality of our work is based on selecting the right translator, a thorough understanding of your needs and the implementation of a meticulous MO. With this in mind, teamwork and a close relationship between the client and the agency are crucial for an optimum end result.

Livre d'or et presse

"La qualité est toujours à la hauteur. Les relations avec l’équipe sont toujours très cordiales, les réponses rapides pour la transmission de devis ou pour les questions relatives aux factures..."

Me Aurélie Duquesne

Avocate – SCP Laroque (Paris)

"Efficacité et rapidité. Très bon service et contact humain."

Florence Hardy

Fondatrice et Présidente – Maison Médelys, spécialiste de produits gastronomiques pour les chefs et métiers de bouche (Rungis)

"Tout est parfait au niveau du traitement des demandes et délais de livraison. A noter également que le personnel de l’agence est très agréable !"

Angélique Lemery

AEP Centre d'Affaires (Perpignan)

"Je vous remercie pour votre réactivité et votre gentillesse. Remerciez également le traducteur pour son travail."

M. Christophe Paul

L’Azur Hôtel Restaurant (87 Saint-Junien)

Chantal Pulé - Ombre