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Translation is not just a matter of knowing a language. Professional translation requires some mental gymnastics to convey concepts accurately, and only qualified and experienced translators who translate into their mother tongue are capable of practising this art at the high level required.

The quality of a translation is based first and foremost on well-written source text and a document that is as legible as possible. Please note that it is unadvisable to start a translation until your source text has been finalised.

Prior to sending a document to us, please ensure that your source document has an international flavour and that it avoids untranslatable puns and references.

It is also important that you provide us with any glossaries you may have or additional documents or references that may assist the translator in his/her work. The more information the better (e.g. the audience your translation is aimed at).

But the quality of the end product is also based on the translator selected to do the job, a thorough understanding of your needs and a rigorous work ethic that includes proofreading and careful monitoring of the translated text. And that is precisely what we do. The best translations are the fruit of a company and a translation agency working in harmony as a team.

Translation prices vary and it is certainly true that you get what you pay for. Go too cheap and at best you are heading for a sloppy job that could derail your international development efforts. In the case of a legal translation, it could even end in your losing a lawsuit.

If your objective is to persuade or sell, call upon the services of an experienced translation agency.

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We translate every written language on the planet and any language combination is possible.


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