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  • Translation agency:
    A translation agency is a company that handles a multilingual project from A to Z. Most agencies are actually small translation companies, varying in size from 2 to 5 people, and often specialise in several language pairs using in-house translators. Large translation agencies handle multilingual projects using external resources. Due to globalisation most translation bureaus tend to turn into multilingual agencies using external translators. The quality of an agency isn’t necessarily proportional to the size of its structure as smaller firms are often closer to their customers (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Glossary:
    Body of words and phrases that can be used at any given moment by a linguistic community. Vocabulary of a language.
    Body of words in a language or field (Source: Sensagent)
  • Consecutive interpretation
    The interpreter translates in alternation with the speaker.
  • Liaison interpretation
    The interpreter attends an interview and translates the discussion in a user-friendly manner for those present.
  • Simultaneous interpretation
    L’interprète traduit pendant que l’orateur parle, se servant soit d’une cabine, soit d’un équipement de chuchotage.
  • Lexique :
    Specialised and usually concise dictionary relating to a specific field of knowledge.
    Short bilingual dictionary reduced to a parallel display of the lexical units of the two languages concerned (Source : Larousse)
  • Target word or text
    The language into which the text is translated
  • Source word or text
    The original text sent for translation into another language
  • DTP
    Desktop publishing (DTP) is the use of computer aided software to generate layouts, typographic quality text and images in readiness for printing (Source : Wikipedia)
  • Court or certified translators
    Certified translations are carried out by sworn translators certified by the Courts of Appeal or Cassation in some countries and are carried out by translators or translation companies accredited by professional translation bodies in some other countries.
  • Vectorisation
    A way of turning letters into images for optimum page layout purposes.

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