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Chantal Pulé – Traduction sur mesure en France - Interprétations

We provide simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreters covering all fields of activity.

During a conference, the interpreter translates from a booth using headphones or chuchotage equipment as the speaker is talking. This is what is meant by simultaneous interpretation.

When a company welcomes a foreign customer to the premises or a deed of sale needs signing at a notarial office, an interpreter is often required to translate for the various people present. This is liaison interpretation.

When a speech needs delivering to an audience, consecutive interpretation permits the interpreter to translate alternately with the speaker.

Preparation: we recommend that you send relevant documents to us so that interpreters can best prepare for the job.

For simultaneous interpretation, please note that interpreters work in pairs and take over from each other every 20 minutes or so. We can also organise rental of the necessary equipment.

Languages offered

We translate every written language on the planet and any language combination is possible.


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