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Additional services

To avoid having to resort to multiple providers we are happy to provide you with a one-stop-shop so you can access the breadth of our experience and expertise via the following additional services:

Page layout:

For 100% turnkey translations we take care of your layout requests (DTP) and formatting requirements for texts translated into rare languages. We can either provide a layout identical to the original document or create a design in line with your graphic charter to boost your company’s message. We work with InDesign, QuarkXpress and Illustrator if vectorisation is required for flawless, ready-to-print documents.


We proofread and correct texts written by you or received by you for a polished result whatever the language concerned. This correction service applies to both translated and non-translated texts. We can correct and improve editorial that has already been written for direct publishing purposes from simple press releases to text for magazines.

Re-reading services:

Our network of translators can check the overall conformity of your translation if translated by a third party. We check meaning, grammar, typography, syntax and consistency of terminology to ensure a complete and polished end result.


Need an audio tape or video translated? As you know it is preferable to have the material transcribed before it is translated. Our one-stop service means that you no longer have to rely on different providers if you want audio or video material translated.

Languages offered

We translate every written language on the planet and any language combination is possible.


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